Wait until doubled in size.

Makery 25:05:12

This work is a response to my ever growing interest in the similarities between design and food.             I believe materials and ingredients are not so different. An appropriate way to explore this notion was to make the most simplest and ancient of foods. I hand make naturally leavened bread with just flour, water and salt, and my collection of objects, intended to aid the making of bread, are hand made from similarly simple materials; wood, clay and cloth.

During this project I became rather taken with the phrase ‘wait until doubled in size’, which appears in every bread recipe I’ve ever read – so many of my objects double up in some way. The apron folds into a canvas sack to store the bread, so it’s one object that assists the full cycle of making, storing, eating, then making again.

The Makery collection is perfect for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen, baking bread or not.


7 thoughts on “Wait until doubled in size.

  1. Mate your work has evolved into some really spectacular looking pieces and some really interesting concepts. So well done to you for showing me that you truly can reinvent your self when you put your mind to it. Must catch up soon.

    1. Thank you Ant, I’m really pleased you like it, we must catch up soon, I will hopefully have more time now I have graduated, the last few months have been a bit mental.
      I hope you and the gang are ok?

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