Limited edition set of Matryoshka dolls made to accompany the Science Museum’s exhibition ‘Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age’. 10 sets of ceramic dolls thrown and turned on the potters wheel.

The layers, from small to large, include Laika the Dog, Yuri Gagarin, his space suit, the Vostok-1 Capsule and the Vostok-1 Rocket. Each layer features a subtle detail which also creates the solar system when the components are stacked and aligned. Yuri’s face is the Sun with his cheeks being Mercury and Venus passing across. Buttons on his suit are Mars and Earth with the larger planets being engine parts on the capsule and windows on the rocket.

image2 (3)image2 (4)image4 (2)image3 (3)image1 (14)image3 (4)image5 (1)



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