Me&Joe Bags


Bags designed and made by myself and Monty as part of our ongoing collaboration ‘Me&Joe’. The bags are made from Polyurethane coated material and brown paper, they play on the notion of stitch and tear. In order to deliver the final structural seam down the bottom of the bag paper must be laid to allow the sewing machine foot to slide across the sticky fabric, traditionally this would then be torn away without disturbing the stitch. We’ve gone quite the other way and exaggerated the size of the paper so in fact it completely parcels the bag, as if like ravioli. The bag then has it’s own packaging system that can be torn away to reveal the bag within. The bags are available on special occasions, keep an eye out for the next.

Images by Zuza Grubecka taken at Altrincham Market and staring Michelle Shields.

Me&Joe Bags are a product of



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